One of the biggest and most powerful cities this side of Faerun, this metropolis rests upon a mountain that rises up over the coastline. Distinct burroughs make up the many areas of Waterdeep.

The base of the mountain and the first level above it contain the majority of the population. The lowermost and flattest point contains Undertown, a densely populated, smog filled burrough which contains blacksmiths, armorers, and miners. It is here that the entrance to Undermountain can be found, a vast network of tunnels beneath Mt Waterdeep with many metals and minerals mined by Undertown’s residents, namely dwarves and gnomes, but some lower class humans or slaves to King Amaldar as well. It is said that ancient ruins lie deep within the mountain, with many adventurer tales of what can be found deep below.

Work your way around the base of the mountain to the Great Sea and you will find yourself in Skullport, a residential slum and home to the large trading port that Waterdeep merchants and crafters make extensive use of. Watch your back around these streets and in the burroughs competing inns, The Rusty Anchor and Wild Rose, as a large assortment of seedy types can be found here lurking in the shadows.

Begin the climb to the upper levels of Waterdeep and you will find the Trade, Government, and Temple districts. Middle to upper class citizens conduct their daily business here, and if you’re looking for something specific to buy, the Trade district is sure to have at least 3 different types.

A large set of stairs lead up towards Castle Waterdeep, a massive stone structure in which King Amaldar resides. Along the way up these stairs are mansions belonging to various nobility and upper class citizens, almost all of whom are human.

This in a nutshell, is the City of Waterdeep.


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