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  • Toril

    Same geography and similar history as the original Forgotten Realms world. "Toril":http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/Toril

  • Waterdeep

    One of the biggest and most powerful cities this side of [[Faerun]], this metropolis rests upon a mountain that rises up over the coastline. Distinct burroughs make up the many areas of Waterdeep.

    The base of the mountain and the first level …

  • Faerun

    The main continent in the world of [[Toril]], also very similar in geography and similar history to the original Forgotten Realms campaign setting. "Faerun":http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/Faer%C3%BBn

  • Spellhold

    Little is known about Spellhold. It is a place where wicked wizards, deviants, and abmoniations are held prisoner for all eternity. It is run by the [[Cowled Wizards]] who currently pledge allegiance to [[:amaldar]]. Though many claim to, very few …

  • The Rusty Anchor

    A small, dirty, and dangerous tavern in the [[Waterdeep]] burrough of Skullport. The party was tasked by [[:brimley]], a member of the [[Thieves Guild]], to attain 20,000 gold for information regarding the location of the powerful wizard [[:elminster]]. …

  • The Copper Coronet

    The main inn of Undertown, a burrough in [[Waterdeep]]. It is here that the party meets [[:brimley]] and [[The Goons]] for the first time.

  • Undermountain

    The vast network of tunnels that run beneath Mount Waterdeep. Various metals and minerals are mined here by [[Waterdeep]]'s lower class citizens. It is rumored that ancient dwarven ruins lie deep beneath the mountain. Another rumor says that the …

  • Bloodbourne Manor

    An old Victorian style manor located in Hightown of [[Waterdeep]]. The party was tasked with defeating the evil that inhabited the manor in exchange for it's title of ownership. When the party slew the man that was seemingly possessed by the power of a …

  • Sunless Citadel

    A fortress that was built centuries ago, the Sunless Citadel now lies buried in the earth. Aside from the kobolds that made their home there, the citadel was also inhabited by the deranged druid Belak the Outcast. Deep within the citadel, a vampire …

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