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  • Brimley

    The party met Brimley in the [[The Copper Coronet]] when searching for him for the [[Mission]]. More can be found in [[The story so far]].

  • Akala

    Akala was discovered by the party in their first adventure together. All were held captive by [[:amaldar]]'s guard and in the process of being transported via prison caravan to be locked away.

    When the prison caravan was ambushed by the [[ …

  • Enu

    Oh the story of Enu, the elven sorcerer. Many dangers has the young elf endured, many perilous moments that most mortal men would not have survived.

    The worst of those moments, which happened recently, makes a fine tale. As the party …

  • Allister Crowley

    The party came across Allister when trying to get 20,000 gold for the [[Mission]]. He was the owner of [[Bloodbourne Manor]]. Upon clearing the manor of the evil within, the party inherited the manor to sell for the gold they needed. Unfortunately, …

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