A member of the party


Short for an elf
pale blue skin


Oh the story of Enu, the elven sorcerer. Many dangers has the young elf endured, many perilous moments that most mortal men would not have survived.

The worst of those moments, which happened recently, makes a fine tale. As the party traveled from the destroyed Rebel Underground village, a ravenous (and possibly cursed) wolverine lept from the woods and attacked poor Enu. With its jaws clamped tightly by Enu’s neck, the party went into action to save him. Unfortunately for Enu, things were only to get worse. Ashoka, the brave thief that hails from a distant land, attempts to stab the wolverine with his blade, only to miss and stab Enu in the chest!

When the wolverine is defeated the party sets out for the town of Oakenhurst to try and get help to save their elven ally. It is there that they find out about the magical fruit of life that can be used to save Enu. Unfortunately, that fruit only grew in the Sunless Citadel, ancient ruins nearby.

With the magical fruit cost gained (at a considerable cost, including the accidental murder of innocents through the burning of an evil undergound forest), Enu is saved and the party continue on to Waterdeep to continue their Mission.


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