the mysterious girl


A beautiful girl with several odd features that stand out amongst the population. Her long hair is a shining silver, her eyes a striking gold. While her skin is fair and her other features match those of a human, her body tattoos definitely make her stand out. Composed of symbols that weave across her arms, legs, and torso, these tattoos are like nothing anyone has ever seen. No one knows what the symbols mean, including Akala herself.


Akala was discovered by the party in their first adventure together. All were held captive by King Amaldar’s guard and in the process of being transported via prison caravan to be locked away.

When the prison caravan was ambushed by the Rebel Underground, Akala was one of the prisoners that escaped with the party.

Akala is a shy, quiet girl who looks to be in her early 20’s. She has no memory of where she was before the day of the prison caravan, but occasional memories are sometimes sparked by real time events, such as when she recognized Amaldar and Triflin as the men who used to imprison her.

After the events described in The story so far, Akala now travels with the party to discover the truth behind her mysterious past.


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