The Land of Keys

The story so far

The story begins when the party happens to be on the same prison caravan for their own personal reasons. The caravan is attacked by the Rebel Underground and the party is rescued. They soon are brought together along with a mysterious tattooed girl, Akala, and an elven mage Enu to the rebel’s base hidden in a forest. A sage in the rebel village notices Akala’s tattoos and claims that he may know what they mean. Before ever getting an answer, the village is attacked by King Amaldar‘s Royal Guard. With the village set ablaze and the rebels being slaughtered, the party attempts to make an escape but is caught by a large contingent of guards. For whatever reason these guards recognize Akala and move to attack. They don’t get the chance when Akala suddenly levitates high over them with her silver hair flying about her head wildly and her eyes turning blank white. She then emits an extremely powerful blast of electricity from her fingers which jumps out to every last guard, killing them violently. She then falls to the ground and passes out.

With the village burning to the ground and all of the King’s guard dead, the party is left standing alone to wonder what just happened. It is then that the rebel sage calls out to them and offers these words, “Now I know, I know for sure. The girl must be protected, she will save the planes of all existence. You must find ElminsterWaterdeep… seek out Brimley…” And with that, he dies.

After a journey full of hardships that include the near death of their ally Enu, the party reaches Waterdeep. While searching for Brimley in The Copper Coronet the party is attacked by The Goons. Jak, a kobold sorcerer, jumps in to aid the party.

Afterwards, the dwarf Brimley confronts the party and does indeed offer his help in finding the wizard Elminster, in exchange for 20,000 gold for his Thieves Guild.

Later, Ashoka follows Triflin to a meeting with his goons where he learns that they used the power of Rannoch to escape from the Copper Coronet; and that it is a limited power which must be “refilled”. The goons ask if they are to try to get the girl again, but Triflin reveals that other plans are now in motion.

The party then go about earning money throughout Waterdeep by completing various missions which include the slaying of crystalline spiders in an Undermountain mine and the destruction of the mad man inside of Bloodbourne Manor. With more than an enough gold now coming their way, the party prepares to pay the Thieves Guild and find Elminster…



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