Welcome to the world of Toril. Within this vast and magical world lies several continents of various sizes and lore. Faerun, the “central” and most influential continent in Toril, is where you all live. You all reside in the northwest, near the coastline known as The Sword Coast. Within this area lies several major cities, most notably Waterdeep, a powerful and fantastically large city built upon and surrounding Mount Waterdeep, a great mountain that stands on the edge of the Sword Coast.

Now is a time of great change and strife throughout Faerun. A new ruler, known as King Amaldar, has recently (ten years ago) usurped the control of Waterdeep from its former lords. From this fortified stronghold city King Amaldar has ruled with a powerful iron fist. Using a large army of devoted followers, Amaldar has been slowly expanding his kingdom eastward, annexing any village, town, or even city that he comes across and growing his army more and more through a forceful means of conscription. Namely, join us or die. He is human and believes strongly in the might of man to control all other races of Toril. Elves, dwarves, halflings and the like are seen as lesser creaturs to him, and are sometimes forced into slavery or the front lines of his army. Amaldar’s rule currently stretches from Waterdeep and the Sword Coast eastward to the deserts of Anauroch (which he does not control) then southward to include the regions of Amn, Cormyr, and parts of the Dragon Coast.

Magic was once, according to your parents, an accepted and widely used practice throughout the land. But since Amaldar that has all changed. Amaldar has decided that magic is an evil, corruptible force which serves only to blacken men’s souls and hold back the advance of civilization. Because of this the use of magic has become outlawed in the land. It is now a feared thing, if a law-abiding citizen were to see the use of magic they would likely run straight to the guards and have the practitioner arrested on the spot. Those caught using magic are said to be taken to Spellhold, a dungeon of great power that is controlled by a council of government sanctioned wizards. No one knows where this dungeon is located. Even worse, no one has heard of a person ever leaving its walls.

Aside from his constant war to control more and more of the continent, there are rumors of a secret underground rebellion that seeks to overthrow Amaldar. Not much is known about them, but news occasionally spreads of an uprising here or there from this rebel group.

This is a small and basic summary of the world you all know and reside in, and the start of your story within the land of Faerun.

The Land of Keys

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